About Us

Welcome to Equity Chambers, formed in 1996 by a group of experienced barristers committed to providing a consistently high quality of service to instructing solicitors. During this time we have firmly established ourselves as one of the leading criminal sets in the Midlands, with almost unparalleled experience of heavyweight criminal defence.

Equity Chambers have barristers who specialise in many areas of the law as well as crime, including particularly actions against the police, civil liberties, human rights, immigration and family. They also appear regularly in the higher courts, often in cases in which they didn’t appear at the first instance, and pride themselves on a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all aspects of their specialist fields of law and procedure. Chambers has a commitment to ongoing education for all members and has a policy of compulsory internal lectures on all new developments of the law.

Equity Chambers supports equal opportunities irrespective of race, sex, age or sexual orientation. Chambers are made up of different cultures and can therefore more readily appreciate the cultural factors which may lie behind any given behaviour. We also have a great advantage in communicating with lay clients and their families from different cultures as we offer barristers who are fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Mirpuri, Arabic, Gujarati, Bengali and French.

Equity Chambers maintains it’s own criminal law standards policy to ensure the very highest quality of service to solicitors. Irrespective of recent changes to the legal aid payment system we undertake to provide a written advice and hold a conference at a location convenient to you in all cases. We also endeavour to ensure that counsel instructed, wherever possible, conducts the case. If there is or maybe any problem with availability we undertake to keep solicitors fully informed of the position at all stages. Our commitment to quality is both extensive and firm and is fully set out in our service standards leaflet.

Equity Chambers is located within a short walk of the major Birmingham court centres. Conference facilities are available within chambers. Members of chambers are equally happy to hold conferences at your offices, whichever is more convenient to you.