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Year of Call – 1990


Area’s of Specialisation:
Criminal Prosecution
Criminal Defence


Fluent in English & Punjabi.

Practice Profile:

Mr. Sandhu has been involved in a large number of serious criminal cases. He has acted as Leading Junior in a number of these cases, which have included, Large-Scale Drugs Conspiracies, Murder, Rape, Armed Robberies, Complex Frauds, Immigration & Child Cruelty to name a few.

Mr. Sandhu is a Panel Member of the Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) Scheme. As a Senior member of chambers and widely experienced Barrister Mr. Sandhu has been involved in a number of very high profile casest either as a Led Junior, Junior Alone or Leading Junior. Mr Sandhu has also appeared before the Court of Appeal on numerous occasions.

Practice Profile

Mr. Sandhu has considerable experience in all aspects of Criminal work and Immigration.


  • R v Chahal

    This defendant was charged with conspiracy to cheat and substantive further counts of money laundering over £12 million pounds. It was alleged that £1.3 Million went through this Defendants two accounts. This matter was fully prepared for trial and an application was made to dismiss the count of conspiracy on this Defendants behalf. This was a very complex VHCC case.

  • R v Chatha – (Conspiracy to Facilitate Illegal Entry)

    This case involved the arrest of many members of an extended family alleged to be involved in human trafficking. A deal was struck in relation to this Defendant who pleaded to a count of conspiracy and the other two Defendants pleaded to much lesser single substantive counts. Counsel later defended all three defendants in The Court of Appeal with the latter two being successful. This was a very complex case which also had contested confiscation proceedings.

  • R v Taylor (Murder)

    This Defendant was alleged to be part of a gang who were armed with firearms and charged with murder and three attempted murders. The trial for this case lasted over 41 days and this defendants submission on no case at the end of the crown’s case was allowed. All other Defendant were convicted.